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Zimmerman Walks Free, Martin Supporters Cry Blood

As night watch leader George Zimmerman walks free from a Florida courtroom with a six-woman jury finds him not guilty of the death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin, protesters cheered and cried for justice outside. Zimmerman was acquitted for murdering an unarmed black teenager. His case roused controversy about civil rights, race and gun ownership in the United States.

The Judge, Debra Nelson, told Zimmerman that he has no business with the court after the verdict and he is finally free to go and his GPS tracking bracelet had been removed.

The verdict came after 16 years of deliberations of 56 witness statements and lawyers’s arguments by the Seminole Country Criminal Justice Centre in Sanford. The trial lasted a total of three-weeks and the jury found that Zimmerman’s contention of shooting Trayvon Martin in self-defence believing his life to be in danger as justifiable.

Protests were relatively peaceful and dozens of banner-carrying supporters of the Martin family gathered through the day. The only disturbance was the removal of a vocal protester outside the court but the protests remained peaceful.

Legal analysts said that the verdict on George Zimmerman’s was weak on the prosecutors’ side.

The entire case involved George Zimmerman reporting that a “suspicious figure” came walking back to the Retreat at Twin Lakes gated community, the home of Trayvon Martin’s father’s fiancée. The two eventually ended up in a fight.

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