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US Condemns Syrian Regime’s Barrel Bombing in Aleppo

The United States condemns the Syrian Regime’s use of barrel bombs during its assault against rebels in the city of Aleppo. US Secretary of State John Kerry said that these barrel bombs were the “latest barbaric act of the Syrian regime.”

Aleppo, the business capital of Syria, was severely levelled by fighting between Syrian Regime and Rebel forces despite international peace talks between the Syrian National Coalition, who represents the rebel forces and the Syrian government. The talks, which took place in Geneva the previous week, yielded no results.

The Syrian regime had also missed an international deadline to destroy its chemical weapons. According to Russia, Syria must have completed the shipment by the first of March.

Barrel bombs are oil bombs or metal cylinders filled with explosives and metal fragments. Upon explosion, the bombs choose no targets, which allow it to kill any civilians nearby. The barrel bombs have hit a mosque in Maskan Hanano, killing five children. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, more than 150 people had been killed in the past four days of barrel bomb attacks.

Meanwhile, the United Nations had cautiously accepted an offer by the Syrian Regime to allow its refugees to clear the city of Homs unharmed.

Kerry said that the entire world may be focused on ending the Syrian civil war, but the Syrian regime is focused on gaining the upper hand in the battlefield, which is counter-productive to the Syrian peace talks in Geneva.


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