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Syrian Conflict Sees No End In Sight

A meeting was held by U.N.Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and the Friends of Syria group right after the U.S. Treasury Department has identified 117 Iranian aircraft carrying weapons to the Syrian government. Sanctions were placed against Iran Air, Mahan Air and Yas Air for making military deliveries under the cover of humanitarian aid.

Ban Ki-Moon states that the two Syrian sides were intent on ending the conflict with military superiority. He states that this solution is unacceptable. He was affected by the images of the Syrian conflict on the television and calls for political dialogue as a solution to the crisis.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi had met with President Bashar Al-Assad and other officials in Damascus. Foreign Minister Salehi states that the only solution to the civil war only lays in Syria itself and the Syrian family.

Recent news show that the Syrian regime had attacked south-western Damascus along the regions of Muadhamiya, Jadidat Artouz, Kanakir and other remote locations. Opposition activitists posted videos online showing regime helicopter gunships firing against the suburbs and killing more than 20 people. Syrian state media states that it has clashed with an “armed terrorist group” in a nearby cemetery, which the gunships eliminated a few of its members.

The Syrian regime has also bombarded key areas in the Old City area of Aleppo. Bab al-Hadid, Bab al-Nasr were attacked by government forces.

Source: BBC

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