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Pope Cleans the Feet of 12 Prisoners on Maundy Thursday

Newly-elected Pope Francis had performed a feet-washing ritual of 12 minor prisoners in a youth detention centre near Rome as a part of his Maundy Thursday service. The ritual is done to commemorate Christ’s Last supper.

Pope Francis, who changed the Vatican and gave an air of simplicity to it by doing away with strict traditions and encouraging more “application-based” practices to other Church leaders, gave a homily to priests that they should avoid “soul-searching” and instead engage their local parishioners and help people who are suffering and blind to the evils of the world.

The Pope washed and kissed the feet of 12 young detainees as per the bible’s account of Jesus doing the same for his 12 apostles the night before he was crucified. The detainees, who were all minors, were two girls, one Italian catholic and one of Serbian Muslim origin. Some of the inmates were invited, some volunteered themselves.

The Pope also spearheaded having given communion to all the inmates and prison workers. Around 10 girls and 40 boys from different nationalities and diverse religions were given confessions in their own respective practice and religion on Thursday’s mass.

Pope Francis, newly-elected earlier this month, gave a new sense of simplicity to the Vatican and to Roman Catholicism. Followers describe him as a “real” priest who cares for the flock and is a servant of his people and a leader at the same time.

Source: BBC

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