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Obama Administration Praised Dam Re-Capture

US President Barack Obama had praised the re-capture of the Mosul Dam in the Tigris River by Iraqi the military and Kurdish Peshmerga is a “major step forward” in the situation in Iraq. The US’ interests in the conflict is to preserve the personnel of the Iraqi American Embassy’s personnel, who could be put in peril if the ISIS decide to blow up the dam.

According to Obama, the cooperation of the Iraqi and Kurdish military forces at Mosul dam made the mission successful.

Yesterday, the Iraqi and Kurdish military forces have landed on the Mosul dam and they had found it absent of any ISIS presence. As per the suspicions of ground teams, explosives have been planted all around the facility. So far, personnel had dismantled 170 bombs all over the dam.

The US had provided air offensive support against ISIS positions.

The US’ participation began when international concern for purged Iraqi Yazidis were trapped in a perilous mountain by the ISIS. US military and humanitarian personnel landed on the mountain to give aid and defence.

However, the US is criticised for its possible “mission creep”, which may have the US continue to work with expanding objectives in the area. However, Obama said as long as military troops from Iraq and Kurdistan could handle the objectives, there is no risk of mission creep.


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