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Murder of Two British Women and Man Reveals a Surviving Child

A four year old child was found to survive a murder of the two British women and man. The child was found hidden by baggage and was not detected by thermal imaging scanners. She was said to be completely terrorized by the murders, which rendered her temporal paralytic condition that hid her amongst the baggage.

The murder of the three British nationals in France continue to be investigated by British and French authorities. The entire ordeal, as described by British Prime Minister David Cameron, is very atrocious and tragic. They are working to help the surviving child and an older girl lying near the car surviving a bullet wound to the shoulder.

French and British news reports have identified the victim as Saad al-Hilli, a naturalized, Iraqi-born engineer who lived in Surrey, the south of London, with a wife and two daughters. The car in which the murder took place was registered to a man with an Iraqi passport and a naturalized British citizen. The passport also stated that he was born in 1962. However, it wasn’t confirmed if the car or the passport belonged to Saad al-Hilli.

The murderer was still unidentified. However, authorities state that the killer had the intention to kill, given that the driver and an older woman was shot in the head. Autopsy should reveal the cause of death of the other passenger, the young woman who was the third of the corpses.

Source: CNN

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