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Motivation of Algerian Hostage Crisis Still Unknown

The kidnapping of at least 20 foreign workers by Islamist militants believed to be linked to the al-Qaeda terrorist group had Algerian troops in a standoff with the Islamic militants. However, the motivation of the hostage taking is yet unknown. The captors demanded food, water and vehicles and world governments are watching as the situation rapidly develops.

An Algerian and a British national had been killed after the attack and occupation of the Amenas oil complex on Wednesday. Reported captives had different nationalities including the Japanese, Americans, French and Norwegians.

One worker who had the chance to speak to a news agency stated that the terrorists demanded the release of 100 Islamist prisoners detained in Algeria. Another report said that the terrorists demanded France to stop its military operation in Mali. All these motivations are yet unclear, according to the Algerian government.

Algerian Interior Minister Daho Ould Kabila mentioned that the captors wanted to leave the country with the hostages, but the government will not allow it. Kabila also states that he rejects all negotiations coming from the group and had the Algerian military in a standoff with the captors.

It is believed that the captors are working for Mokhtar Belmokhtar, a senior commander in the al-Qaeda terrorist group. The commander is now a leader of a new Islamist terrorist group after falling out with the other al-Qaeda leaders.

The militants claim they have 41 foreigner as hostages in the living quarters of the oil complex. The armed bus attack happened at 05:00 hours in the morning, leaving the police escorts repelled and one security member injured during the assault.

Source: BBC

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