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More Children Suffer Daily in Syria According to UN Report

The three-year Syrian war has 5.5 million children suffering from the scars and trauma of war, the lack of food and water, and a bleak future amidst the violence happening all over the country.

According to UNICEF’s “Under Siege” report, the three-year Syrian war had left children without proper education, virtually no medical care and food. The report details that in many cases, children and even pregnant women are wounded or killed by possibly Syrian regime soldiers or rebels.

The report estimates 1 million children to be trapped in besieged areas and needing humanitarian assistance and 2 million children in need of psychological support.

According to UNICEF Deputy Representative in Syria Hamida Lasseko, witnessing the firsthand suffering of children in Syria  was greatly devastating. She called for the war to come to an end because the children and an entire generation of Syria was paying the price.

According to Lasseko, UNICEF workers have found many children as young as five years old wandering in the city undefended and alone. Most of them lost their parents during skirmishes and clashes between the government and the rebels.

At least millions of Syrian refugees have also fled their war-torn country. Most of them have flocked Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The three countries are currently asking the UN for help with handling the great load of refugees directly affecting their economies.


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