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ISIS Had Committed War Crimes – UN, United States

According to the UN and the United States, the photographs spreading online portraying the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS militants executing more than a dozen unarmed Iraqi soldiers is a war crime. The US said that the militant group carried out “cold-blooded executions” to instigate fear in the Iraqi government.

The UN had also verified from local sources that hundreds of other non-combatants the ISIS militants have executed, including surrendered policemen and soldiers.

The ISIS had already invade the northern area of Iraq, with Iraqi soldiers abandoning their posts. Their increased threat is marked by their capture of Iraqi weapons depots, where US-made military equipment and weapons are stored.

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama has confirmed sending 275 military personnel to safeguard US interests in Iraq, namely the US Embassy Personnel. The US government is also considering a security cooperation with Iran, who intends to protect Iraq for their own interests as well, much to the chagrin of Saudi Arabia.

Half a million Iraqis had evacuated their homes after the assault of ISIS militants in different towns as they reach closer into Iraq’s capital of Baghdad.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki had also blamed Saudi Arabia and Qatar for indirectly supporting the terrorists with funding after they have made “private donations” to the Syrian rebels, which some ISIS and al-Qaeda splinter groups make up.


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