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Iran Death Toll Hikes Over 300, Turns from Rescue to Relief

After the twin earthquakes hit Tehran on Saturday, the Iranians focused on providing relief instead of rescue. The twin earthquakes have killed more than 300 people. The relief focuses on providing medical care for the thousands injured and also providing food and shelter for those left homeless by the catastrophe.

The earthquakes last Saturday were respectively 6.4 and 6.3 in magnitude. People were advised to sleep away from their homes to avoid the dangers of continuing tremors. The quakes hit small populated regions, but its immensity damaged and destroyed villages. Despite the small population of the area, authorities estimate that the death toll might rise to 1,000.

Many of the quakes’ victims were women and children buried by the rubble of falling houses. In the agricultural region, men were still working outside their homes.

Experts state that the architecture of the village houses used clay bricks mixed with straw. These materials were weak against earthquakes. However, in other areas in Tehran, 25% of the public areas, building and houses were thoroughly damaged.

Iran relief groups are asking for tents, blankets, water, dried food and canned goods to survive. They state that Iran’s weather is very cold during the evening and that people are still anticipating more tremors sleeping outside their homes.

The country has a history of earthquakes. In the year 2003, the country suffered 25,000 casualties from a 6.6 magnitude earthquake in the southeast region.

Iran’s seismologists state that a 6 Richter scale earthquake can only do so minimal damage. However, because of Iran’s poor architecture and material used in shelter construction, cities and villages face great damages for every earthquake.

Source: LA Times

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