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Head of Syrian Air Force Killed in Damascus Clashes

Lt. Gen. Hussein Ishaq was reportedly killed by the rebels in clashes near the capital of Damascus. An anonymous government official and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights activists said on Sunday confirmed the kill of the officer during the attacks.

Ishaq is a high-ranking member of the Syrian army and he died on Saturday after the Rebels assaulted a Syrian air defense base in Mleiha. According to activists, the Lieutenant General died because of his wounds from battling the al-Qaeda linked Nusra Front and other rebel groups.

According to an anonymous Syrian official, the number of extremely senior officers in the Syrian army were very few. However, Lebanese General Amin Hoteit said that the death of Ishaq has little to do with the Syrian conflict’s progress, and there will always be a successor, likely Ishaq’s apprentice.

Syrian government forces have bombed the area around the town of Mleiha to flush out the rebels, and are planning to seize hold of the town because of its proximity towards the capital.

According to Observatory director Rami Abdurrahman, the government wants to regain control of Tel Meleh, and the clashes between the two parties have grown vicious. The area had changed hands several times.


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