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Dozens Killed in Recent Syrian Bombing

More than 44 people including children were killed after an aerial bombardment by the Syrian regime levelled the city of Aleppo in the weekend. The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the death toll could increase because of the serious injuries of the dozens of people wounded by the attack, including the number of people missing right after the bombardment.

Among the dead were six children, two doctors and volunteers providing healthcare services to civilians and to those injured.

The Syrian regime used barrels of explosives and dropped them from helicopters, damaging infrastructure and livelihoods. The regime used the same strategy in the al-Haidariya and Al Ahmadiya neighbourhoods in recent attacks.

The regime also attacked Marea, which left 9 people dead and 40 wounded.

Despite the increase in the wounded, the medical centers in Aleppo and other surrounding areas were suffering from a shortage of medical supplies,

Al-Sham Rejects Geneva Talks

Meanwhile, the leader of the al-Sham declares its rejection of the Geneva peace talks between the Syrian National Coalition, which represents a majority of the opposition against Syria, and the Syrian regime the United Nations had planned for January 22.

Ahrar al-Sham’s leader Hassan Aboud said that “whatever comes out of it, it will only bond the Syrian National Coalition and not the al-Sham.” He said that he vows to continue the revolution until they have restored their dignity and rights.


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