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Chinese Media Urges Public to Remain Vigilant in Wake of Tiananmen Crash

On Monday this week, a car sped towards a crowd gathered in Tiananmen Square and burst into flames. The car had three passengers, who were all killed by the fire along with two other bystanders. Chinese Media calls on the public to remain vigilant as Xinjiang terrorists may spread additional terrorist activities in Beijing.

The five arrested suspects involved in the car crash in Tiananmen came from the region of Xinjiang, which is home to the Chinese Muslim Uighur minority. However, against the message of the Chinese media, Uighur activists called for a private investigation on the matters.

According to Chinese police, a man along with his wife and his mother drove the jeep. The trio had ignited the petrol inside their vehicle before it crashed in the Square. The police said that the attack was carefully planned and premediated. However, what police and analysts find troubling is that there were two extra passengers aside from the driver and the necessity of their presence is still unconfirmed.

According to local newspaper Global Times, this is the first time Xinjiang terrorist forces damaged Beijing effectively. It has called on to the public to remain vigilant and that all violent terrorists are enemies of China and the biggest victims of these terrorists would be those living in Xinjiang.

Other newspapers said that those behind the attack were religious extremists and it did not reflect the interests of the majority of Uighur muslims.

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