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Chicago Sun Times Columnist Blasts Dennis Rodman’s North Korean Relations

Chicago Sun Times Sports Columnist Rick Morrissey comments about former NBA star Dennis Rodman’s relationship to North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un. He said that it was unsettling to note the “critical mass of dumb” that a group of former NBA players scheduled to play a basketball game during the North Korean leader’s birthday had reached.

According to Morrissey, Dennis Rodman is “trying to stay in the spotlight and doing all he can, even if it means hanging out with the leader of a brutal regime.” He also said that he condemns the ignorance of the other NBA players joining Rodman, including Vin Baker, Cliff Robinson, Charles Smith, Craig Hodges, Doug Christie and Sleepy Floyd. All players will be playing at an exhibition match.

Morrissey said that Dennis Rodman’s attention-seeking is untimely with the execution of Kim Jong-Un’s uncle Jang Song-Thaek and his associates by his own decision.

Aside from Morrissey, NBA Head Commissioner David Stern also made a statement that the NBA does not support the actions of Rodman and the other former NBA stars playing with him in North Korea.

The Chicago Sports Columnist said that Rodman, along with the other NBA players, are approving of the brutality of the North Korean regime by entertaining him on his special day. Morrissey said that it is possible Kim is using Rodman’s need for attention to give his regime a “better image” to the world, which is contrary to the actions presented by the North Korean leader in interacting with its counterpart and western nations.

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