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British Syrian Action Delayed by Labour Party

Britain’s Labour party had claimed success after claiming it persuaded British Prime Minister David Cameron from participating in any sudden military strike against the Assad Regime jointly with the United States. Labour Party leader Ed Miliband said that the party believed a “UN Moment” was needed before the UK made its decision.

The Labour party also believes that the Prime Minister had endorsed his support too quickly and cheaply and to avoid another Iraq catastrophe, it would be wise to go for a collective approach in handling Syria.

The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also told the United States not to quickly make a militarized act against Syria and to allow a diplomatic solution to unfold. The United Nations investigation unit sent to study the chemical attacks have yet to return with information that could help point out who is responsible for the chemical attack.

Tory members also said that they were not comfortable in allowing the United Kingdom to participate in the military operation against Syria. They said that it will be a huge risk to attack Syria and there is still no definite evidence to support that the Assad regime was responsible for the attack.

The Syrian chemical attack in Damascus claimed 1,300 civilian lives. Syrian opposition observers said that the attack happened in the pre-dawn hours in the country and claimed the lives of many women and children.

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