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Boeing 787’s Asked By The FAA to Stop International Flights

The recent emergency landing of a Boeing 787 in Japan had the Federal Aviation administration to call for a stop in the usage of the airline series to all international flight companies. A similar case of emergency landing and technical problems had also left the Boeing Dreamliner on the ground in Boston before the Japanese 787 problems.

According to the FAA, the batteries failed due to the release of flammable electrolytes, heat damage and smoke on the 787 airplanes. The cause of the release of flammable electrolytes is still unknown. If flights were continued with the existing airplanes, the chances of having a critical system failure and electrical compartment fire can occur.

The FAA also called on other international aviation authorities to take the same action for airliners using the Boeing 787s as well.

From July of 2012, reports of fuel leaks, oil leaks, cracked engines, damaged cockpit windows and battery problems from different airliners grew on the problem list of 787s, prompting the FAA to announce a safety review and their shutdown of the plane operations until the problem is resolved.

The Nipon Airlines 787 with 129 people made an emergency landing as its battery alarmed on Wednesday morning. A burning smell was reported by passengers to be coming from the cabin and smoke alarms turned on in a forward electrical compartment. A maintenance worker also found an electrical fire onboard an empty 787 airliner scheduled to leave for Boston on January 7.

Boeing’s Chairman Jim McNerney says that the company is confident in their airplanes, but any failure, such as the recent events, ensures their full support and cooperation for investigation and action for resolution with the authorities.

The FAA announces that the airplanes are temporarily unusable, but even with Boeing’s stock dropping to 2%, they mention that the airplanes are not “unsafe”.

Source: CNN

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