Wealthy Countries Must Give More Foreign Aid To Stop Climate Change – Cameron

A boots protest was held in the Place de la Republique after a planned climate march was cancelled following a terrorist shooting and bombing in Paris a few weeks before the World Climate Change Conference 2015.

The conference intends to cement a solution to slow down or halt the continuously changing seasons with all world leaders bounding themselves to legal agreements after the Paris talks.

British Prime Minister David Cameron called on wealthy countries including Britain to provide more to foreign aid to help stop climate change. He said “climate change is too large for governments alone to deal with.”

More than 50 world leaders will attend the summit for talks on global warming and creating definite solutions.

While boots protested against the conference in Paris, about 2,500 rallies worldwide called on politicians to solidify agreements that would immediately cut carbon emissions and protecting the environment.

Some groups called on heavier penalties for environmental scandals with the immensity of Volkswagen’s recent emissions cheating scandal.

In Britain, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is pressuring Cameron to not “flake it or fool us” as London protesters marched and as Cameron called for more support to the poorest nations.

Cameron had pledged 0.7 per cent of Britain’s GDP to help vulnerable countries stop climate change.


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