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US Targets 2014 as Deadline for Withdrawing Soldiers from Afghanistan

Afghanistan-posted US troops may be completely withdrawn by th end of 2014 as this is one scenario the United States is looking at depending on the outcome of US President Barack Obama’s visit to Afghan President Hamad Karzai. The US troops posted in Afghanistan are part of a NATO combat mission to train Afghan troops and help clear areas where the Al-Qaeda are known to hide. The mission’s primary objective is to ensure that no place in Afghanistan will become a safe haven for the terrorist group.

The decision and scenario that will follow true is based on the agreement reached by Karzai and Obama regarding the situation. According to White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, the administration is considering a range of options and one of these were to withdraw all soldiers by 2014. However, he states that the US administration and the Afghan Government is mutually attached by a shared objective of training and equipping Afghan forces and counter-terrorism.

President Karzai himself said he would like for US troops to remain by the end of 2014. However, even so, the United States would want the US troops to be legally protected in Afghanistan, a wish not granted by Iraq, which had Iraq bereft of US troops after the US campaign. Karzai is very critical of the US troops because of the incidents that the soldiers have killed some Afghan civilians.

Source: CNN

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