US Accused of Supporting Syrian Terrorists

The Al-Assad regime blames the US for supporting Syrian Terrorists such as the Free Syria Army and the Syrian opposition. The Syrian president, Bashar Al-Assad states that the violence becomes more and more prominent given the intervention of the United States in Syrian politics. The statement of the Syrian president right after United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that the numbers of the Al-Assad regime are numbered.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon speculates that the events in Syria will turn more disastrous the days to come. He states that everything can become militarized and more human rights violations are to be anticipated should the violence continue.

However, UN Special Envoy Kofi Annan states that the six point peace plan has been accepted by the Syrian regime. The Syrian opposition still denies support for the peace plan given that they cannot accept members of the new government as people who have had “blood on their hands” given the extreme atrocities happening in Syria.

President Bashar Al-Assad has stated that the election in December was similar to Annan’s peace plan. However, only a few opposition members won seats in the house.

The President continues to accuse the US for violent intervention for providing support to the terrorists in the country. However, he still welcomes US representatives for an open dialogue expected to be “honest and serious” to declare its role in the Syrian conflict.

Source: CNN

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