UN Syria Deal Both Dangerous and Promising

Syria’s compliance to the US-Russia brokered agreement could be both dangerous and promising for the United Nations. The international organisation was criticised by many for its lack of action in halting the violence in Syria and its track record of preventing conflicts in the Middle East.

At the UN General Assembly in New York, leaders from different countries spoke of the agreement as “good progress” but nonetheless not the end of the violence in Syria. According to observers, the removal of chemical weapons will only even out the advantages and disadvantages of the Syrian regime, but it will not diminish its power completely.

While the United States is not being diplomatic to urge members of the UN to use military action, Russia is trying to veto and deter every effort of military action against Syria. Russia and China agree that the United States and other countries’ track record of resolving civil wars through regime changes and disputes is not too good on paper.

However, the end result is that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the regime could fight against the Syrian opposition. It is slowly gaining power as the Syrian opposition faces breakaway rebel groups who deem the Syrian National Coalition “unworthy” of ruling a possible new Syria and does not represent their best interests.

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