Syrian Diplomacy Wins the Day: A Local Prisoner Exchange

Rebel exchanges in the area of Aleppo prove that the majority of Syrians, either Sunni or Shiite muslims, can resolve problems through the means of diplomacy. In Mazra’at Anadan, Syrian rebels exchanged Sunni prisoners for Shiite prisoners as journalists from all over the world watched. Aside from the assault on the city and the violence taking place all over the country, the rebels and sectarians exchange prisoners in a peaceful exchange.

Journalists describe that what may have looked as something that came out of a movie-esque prisoner exchange appeared to have a more joyful gesture. Both sides welcomed each other warmly without any weapons and guns. They also describe that both sides exchanged warm dialogues, in opposition to hostile and threatening ways of prisoner exchanges.

The two factions stated that even if they were in opposite sectarian sides, being respectively Sunni and Shiite, they understand that the violence of sectarianism led many countries, such as Lebanon and Iraq, had only taken lives. The two leaders of the factions even asked the journalists to take a photo of their agreement.

Syria has been a melting pot of sectarians and different religious beliefs, which often sparked conflicts between the sects. President Bashar al-Assad is an Alawite religious minority. The country, under the rule of his family for over 40 years, faced conflict as other Alawites are given better treatment than other sects.

The prisoner exchange is described to have been a small start to a diplomacy which can save many lives in Syria.

Source: CNN

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