Sudan The New Contributor in Syrian Civil War

Local made weapons made in Sudan are making its way in Syria through a complex network of sellers and shippers. The Sudan-made weapons are being shipped to Syrian rebels fighting against the Syrian Regime. According to American officials, the delivery aircraft had a flag of Ukraine.

Western political analysts said that Sudan’s active participation based on their covert activities also suggests the country’s interest in its own foreign policy. Sudan broadly supports Sunni Islamism while maintaining a relationship with the Shia.

However, economic observers said that Sudan never had a greater interest than improving its economy. After the country lost its southern areas where oil is produced in 2011, Sudan’s economy is greatly suffering. According to them, Qatar’s receipt had smaller amounts for the weapons and Sudan rarely argued about the prices with its client countries.

Sudan rejects the accusations and said that the weapons seen in Syria may have probably come from Libyans as they supplied the  Libyan rebels in 2011 to overthrow Gaddafi, Libya’s former dictator. However, observers point out that the ammunition obviously made in Sudan had been marked 2012, a year after the Libyan conflict ended.

Detailed photographs of other weapons, such as FN-6 anti-aircraft missiles with Syrian rebels, make Sudan’s statement questionable. Libyan rebels, regime, and supporters were not known to possess such weapons.

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