Humanitarian Cease-Fire Agreed by Israel, Gaza

Israel’s security cabinet and Hamas Officials have agreed to a 5-hour ceasefire brokered by Egypt to allow humanitarian groups to enter Gaza and provide medical treatment to the injured and victims of the attacks. The air strikes and heavy bombardment Israel unleashed on Gaza had reached a death toll of 214. However, despite the agreement, both sides do not trust each other to fulfil their end of the promise.

Hamas Spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said that Gaza militants are respecting the pause and said that they will refrain from firing the rockets during the ceasefire. Israel had agreed to the ceasefire, but its military warned that Gaza could be planning its attack, exploiting the ceasefire for recovering their forces.

An Israeli Senior Official had said that despite the ceasefire, Israel may have to push through with its ground assault of Gaza to ensure that the rocket fire from Hamas would cease.

Political analysts also see that Israel is using the ceasefire to help avoid heavy criticism from the international community with the number of civilian casualties.

Earlier, news reports of four Palestinian children killed by an Israeli Naval gunboat had the international community in an outrage. The children were playing football on the beach and were all under the age of 15. According to witnesses, it was as though the naval gunboat were chasing them with artillery fire.


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