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Huge Chavez Signs a New Decree Amidst Respiratory Deficiency Treatment

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, suffering from respiratory deficiency, had signed a decree published by the government on Wednesday along with a message to the military expressing his gratitude for their loyalty to his administration. President Chavez’s health concerns were concealed from the public in the last few months and his health condition was confirmed by his administration a few weeks ago.

The president’s signature appeared for the first time in the Official Gazette of Venezuela after five weeks as the president underwent his latest cancer surgery treatment in Cuba. The decree assigned Venezuelan vice president Elias Jaua as the new Foreign Minister of the country. Current Vice President Nicolas Maduro announced Jaua’s appointment during a National Assembly on Tuesday.

Opposition Leader Henrique Capriles said on Wednesday that the current administration should talk more about the actual condition of the Venezuelan president. He states that if he could sign a decree, he should also appear in court and talk about everything happening in the government.

The opposition called for a protest in Caracas on January 23 to fight an unconstitutional postponement of Chavez’s inauguration, the same date the government plans a demonstration to celebrate the anniversary of the fall of the last country dictatorship in 1958.

Source: Washington Post

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