Ferguson Riots Die Down After a Week

After the Grand Jury’s decision on Michael Brown’s case, the entire suburb had begun rioting. Brown was killed by a Ferguson cop despite being unarmed.

After the riots subsided, the police had only made two arrests with no officers injured or any cruiser damaged.

This is in part due to the Thanksgiving holidays.

Customers filled tables outside bars in the last three weeks.

The riots ended during its third day.

The Grand Jury’s decision to withdraw the charges against Officer Darren Wilson over shooting unarmed Brown last August 9 became a big topic that divided the nation. The entire city looted and committed acts of Arson.

In New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas and Oakland, California, riots and looting have also occurred on a smaller scale in protest to the Ferguson decision.

During its last day yesterday, the protests began peacefully as several hundred people chanted and waved signs. They passed the National Guard, who had been called into the area to restore order. The protesters reached City Hall where an officer commanded the protesters to disperse because their assembly was illegal.

“We’ve been peaceful and the police are still treating us like criminals,” said Jeanina Jenkins, 21. “This is America. You aren’t supposed to be able to treat people like this in America.”


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