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Burmese Revolution Gives Way to Democracy and Resolving Local Problems

Myanmar or Burma, the country of 50 million people, finally end their struggling against a repressive military government and arriving today at a democracy that continues to improve faster than the last three years. In part of Burma’s symbol of democracy, the heroine Aung San Suu Kyi, who won a Nobel Laureate for spending 15 years under house arrest trying to reform Burma into a democratic and free country, shares a seat with today’s icon of reform, Burmese President Thein Sein.

President Sein is meeting President Obama in the White House today, the first time since the year 1966. Sein’s visit aims to relax the economic sanctions the United States imposed on Burma to help them address major problems in Burma. Burma faces problems such as endemic poverty, drug trafficking, corruption and ethnic violence by Buddhist majorities against Muslims.

Recently, the Burmese government was accused of leaving their countrymen to slaughter as ethnic cleansing and genocide was in progress.

As Burma continues its sovereignty, the United States and China continue to battle for influence in the region. However, President Thein Sein said that there is no competition in both countries; he claims that Burma’s relationship with China is good and they are trying to improve their relationship with the United States.

Source: CNN

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