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A Comprehensive Look Into the Syrian Civil War

Syria’s civil war had spanned with 18 months of violence. All of the events encircling this story will be discussed in this article. At least 20,000 have died in the war between the Syrian regime and rebels. Here is a breakdown of the entire event.

Syrian Chemical Weapons

The United States had warned the Syrian government that the use of chemical and biological weapons, even by just merely moving them, is crossing the “red line” of their authority. They would be forced to use contingency plans if such an event could happen. The United Kingdom had also placed their stake in the situation and echoed the U.S.’s warning. President Barack Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron stated that the use of chemical weapons will be completely unacceptable. Both countries promised intervention should such an event happen.

Syrian Conflict to Escalate Into Sectarianism

Many neighboring countries fear that Syria could turn into a sectarianist war if it did not end soon. Western and Arab nations have worked on trying to end the war in Syria. The European nations are placated to play a lead role to facilitate the transition of the Syrian government should the conflict end in whichever way. The focus of the new government, should the war be ended, would be to reconstruct economy, build securities and institutions and make sure humanitarian initiatives are in place.

Human Rights Groups Blame Both Warring Parties

Amnesty international calls both Syrian regime and rebels the biggest war criminals during the battle of Aleppo, which is the largest city of Syria. Observer groups sent into the battle area reported that 30 attacks have killed 80 civilians. They state that the regime targeted civilians and the use of weaponry unable to discern military or civilians were suspicious. The attacks of the regime appear to direct attacks towards the civilians themselves. The Syrian rebels have recently bound and executed members of a state-armed militia group.

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