Headphones Can Cause You Compensation Claims Trouble

With portable music players integrated with smartphone technologies, many headphones and compact audio manufacturers are making powerful products in their respective lines. Some of these include the noise-cancelling series, which allow the user to experience an immersive audio environment with rich dynamic response from the speakers they use. While entertaining, these things may cause accidents especially if you’re on the road.

A friend of mine got herself into an road injury compensation claim because of her headphones. She was wearing a loud Beats headphones pair that she enjoyed so much. However, she was not aware of another vehicle by her left side crossing the street.

Apparently, the driver was in the wrong; my friend crossed the road a few seconds before the walk signal appeared across the street. The driver hit my friend, but took her quickly to medical authorities for recovery. She took a few months from work because of this.

However, her no win no fee compensation claims expert explained to me that she was also in the wrong because it was her responsibility to ensure nothing hampers her capability to be safe in the road. This is why he said my friend might have a reduced compensation, but she will receive compensation because the driver had injured her in the most obvious tense.

She could have received £20,000 in damages, but the claims expert only had around £14,000 in his successful claim. Such reduction you could actually get by just being careless with technologically-advanced headphones.

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