Worldwide Spa and Wellness Industry Generates $3.4 Trillion a Year

The non-profit research center SRI International issued a report last week which showed the worldwide spa and wellness industry to be worth approximately $3.4 trillion US Dollars per year. It’s thought that changing attitudes among consumers and a growing middle class are the main reasons why the industry has become so huge over the last 10 years.

A consultant for SRI International, Ophelia Yeung, commented, “All across the world we have seen, from Asia to Europe to Africa to North America, more and more people are consciously thinking about healthy food, exercising, looking to nature, getting massages, and doing yoga.”


One of the main areas of the spa and wellness industry is anti-aging treatments and products, with an estimated 77% of people in North America and Europe between the ages of 50 and 75 actively spending money in the sector.

Quite possibly the biggest success story of the last 12 months is an anti-aging supplement product called phytoceramides.

If you’ve never heard of phytoceramides before then you are in for a real treat, as there are many benefits associated with taking the product on a regular basis, and best of all, various studies have demonstrated the capsules start working within 7 to 10 days.

Some of the benefits experienced by phytoceramide users include…healthier skin, more hydrated skin, more energy, increased ability to burn fat, reduced wrinkles, and improved elasticity around the all important eye and lip areas.

Needless to say, the product now sells millions of units every single month, as people from all walks of life search for eternal youth in a bottle.

This is definitely the real deal. There are literally thousands of phytoceramide reviews from real customers on Amazon so you can be sure this isn’t just another scam product that claims miracles but ends up being a total waste of time.

Using phytoceramide supplements is extremely easy. Simply take a capsule with a glass of water first thing in the morning, ideally before your breakfast, and then take another one later in the day before your evening meal.

Many people have reported seeing noticeable changes in the mirror around the 7 to 10 day mark, and interestingly, there have many reports of people feeling like a completely different person around the 6 to 12 week mark.

No matter what your current situation, phytoceramides might just the solution you have been looking for.

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