How to Get Back All Your PPI Refunds Completely

Banks and financial companies continue to delay customers unnecessarily for their PPI refunds. The Financial Ombudsman and the Financial Conduct Authority are not happy with such actions, but regardless of the fines the FCA brings, banks will not budge, not unless you work on your claim effectively to get back all your refunds.

1. Billing Statements
You have PPI if your billing statements declare that you paid for them from the start of your loan or mortgage until the most recent date. Confirm the existence of these billing statements with your bank or lender.

2. Compound Interests
If your loan or mortgage interest rates increased for some reason because of the mis sold insurance policy, then you could reclaim these repayments as well. However, you might need the help of a PPI company such as to successfully reclaim your compound interests.

3. More Than Six Years Ownership
PPI mis selling have already begun in the early 90s with most loan and mortgage applicants mis sold the insurance. However, if bank representatives tell you that they only keep six years of your financial records, it is important that you press them to look further. You have the right to claim back all your refunds if you are owed more than £3000.

To know how banks commonly mis sell payment protection insurance policies, click here for information and legal advice.

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