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Obama’s Priorities as Listed By Political and Economic Analysts

U.S. President Barack Obama’s victory against Governor Mitt Romney in the U.S. Presidential Elections this year spelled that the people still believe in the past President’s fervor and vision. However, there are a few things that Obama will need to address. Here is a compilation of some of the things he must prioritize during his next four-year term.

1. The Arab Spring

The Arab spring is the biggest challenge that the Obama administration needs to face with full power. The Syrian civil war ongoing has taken toll of 38,000 lives in a span of 20 months in the conflict. Political analysts state that even if Russia and China are vocal about the U.S.’s involvement in the conflict, it should not stand as an obstruction in pressuring to stop the violence in the country. Also, the U.S. has to help the new Libyan government and help them promote the reforms intended in the first place.

2. Iran and Al-Qaeda

During the last two years of Obama’s previous administration, the world saw how Iran was engaging in its nuclear energy program. The trouble is that the program is highly confidential, but Iran’s regime leaders have signified desires to destroy and control Israel, its neighbor. The new Obama administration should not turn a blind eye to this. Al-Qaeda networks are also growing in number in the Middle East and Africa and will gain more allies in Iraq, Syria and Egypt if this issue is not addressed sooner.

3. The Fiscal Cliff

So far, the biggest problem the U.S. administration currently faces is the fiscal cliff. The country is not on its best fiscal face. Trillion dollars of debt continue to impact the economy. Obama will need to focus on making proper decisions to align spending and make good investments in things that matter, such as education and economy that will help America’s economy boom.

Source: CNN

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