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More Than One Million UK Cars Contain Volks Emissions Device

About one million motorists in the United Kingdom owning a Volkswagen car had the fume-tampering emissions device implanted in their vehicles according to the car manufacturer. Investigators found exactly 1.18 million cars and commercial vehicles in the United Kingdom including Audis, Seats and Skodas, had used an engine that emits large emissions manufactured by Volkswagen.

Volkswagen has promised to set-up a web service that would help customers see if their vehicles have the emissions-rigging software. The company promised to contact affected customers and advise them on the process to correct their vehicles in the future.

Diesel vehicles with the Volkswagen-produced EA 189 EU5 will have sub-standard emission levels disguised by the specialised emissions-hiding software. These engines will likely be replaced. According to authorities, the engine will run smoothly and their vehicles are all road-worty until further notice.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen would develop technical solutions and measures to UK authorities in the coming weeks and months to address the issue effectively.

Cars with the EU6 engines are not affected. Petrol vehicles using the V6 TDI and V8 TDI vehicle models are unaffected by the emissions test.

The UK government, along with Italy, Germany, France and even South Korea, had called for an investigation against Volkswagen for the emissions scandal. It had rocked the senior levels of the automaker, prompted the resignation of former CEO Martin Winterkorn and had slashed off more than $30 billion in value for the car manufacturer.

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