Greek Youth Troubles With Euro Zone Crisis

Greece, contending with the new austerity measures to bail itself out of its debts and by sticking its neck in the euro, feels the heat of such measures in their everyday lives. The youth of Greece nowadays, who grew up in the new democratic government that hosted the Olympics in 2004, raised its economy in the early 21st century and now is dealing with great debts, are now facing the troubles caused by the Euro Zone crisis.

Greece’s poverty line, crime and suicide rates have increased since the implementation of austerity measures. Greece’s youths are split from staying in the country to moving out to better, greener pastures.

Greece, which has a culture of family wherein family loyalty is as deep as it gets, have their children vote only what their parents or forefathers and mothers trust. But even if the New Democracy can make things better for Greece, it would take years to rebuild what it once had. The country risks losing young professionals overseas.

To date, around 50% of 26 year old Greeks do not have a job. The unemployment rate has reached 56% among young people aged 15-19 years old. Today, 2.5% in the 25-30 year old sector has left their country as well.

Greek youths are split into sticking it out in their country or having a better life outside the country. Many want to get out, learn and grow outside their country in order to return and make life better for the entire country. Greece is said by one youth to have a sense of dependency on other countries. Even families depend greatly on their children. Many want to break out or at least eradicate this particular mentality.

Source: CNN

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